Wednesday May 22, 2024

Consortium committee members – meet the team!

Welcome! Below is the list of current Committee members, in no particular order, complete with a photo & brief biography, and which country they are in.

Chair – Zimbabwe: VARAIDZO GWENETHY MAYENZANISE (VaTonatsa Foundation)

VaTonatsa Foundation’s mandate is to empower children in underprivileged conditions through education.

The Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities is the glue that binds Charity Organisations that are working to collaborate with tge Zimbabwean governments efforts to improve the welfare of people living in Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans in the diaspora.

Deputy Chair – Zimbabwe: FUNGAI JAWET GWIRIRI (ZOE CTT)

Zoe Counselling and Training Centre Trust provides guidance and counselling services to adolescents in a proactive manner and spirit with a constructive voice. Our mission is to offer preferred counselling, training and psychosocial support for positive mental health, and to raise a generation of successful youths who uphold unhu/ubuntu.

As Vice-Chair, I have liked the idea of being groomed as a young and growing organisation. The Masterclass was exceptional and just working as a consortium is giving me the assurance of growing.

Committee Member – Zimbabwe: FAITH MVUDUDU (Lily Blossom Academy)

Lily Blossom Academy is a Philanthropic Global Virtual Institution that makes Queens realise that they are already wearing their crowns , and what happened to them does not define wh tgey are ordained to be in the future. Using their storues to recover lost glory as stepping stones for others.

I have seen the quick responses of the Consortium leaders and members in solving a distress call that came through Lily Blossom Academy recently, something that was purely amazing and Angels in human form. I am grateful and it is in collaboration and unity there is progress and establishment.

Secretary General – Zimbabwe: CAROLINE MUTIMBANYOKA (Sprout Women Empowerment Trust)

SWET is a community based organisation with the aim to address the socio-economic challenges women and girls are facing in acquiring opportunities and resources to fully participate in a sustainable economy. The organisation also focuses on women’s involvement in governance and leadership with the aim to develop their communities whilst nurturing the environment.

The Consortium is for us a space of patriotic people who have come together to support each other and provide solutions to the needs that we are seeking as a country. I am happy to be a part of a network that is proactive in wanting to see positive change and to see Zimbabwe moving forward.

Treasurer – UK: CHRISTOPHER WALKER (Friends of Pakati)

Friends of Pakati was set up to provide IT equipment to Pakati Primary and Secondary schools in Ward 14, Murewa District. It is still working on getting more IT, and aims to expand to school & sports equipment, internet access, and scholarships if funds permit. We also aim to expand to 3 other schools in Ward 14.

The Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities provides a great opportunity to share knowlegde, expertise, good practice and above all, support to all members by all members in whatever way we all can. United, we stand stonger than our individual organisations will on their own.

Communications Director – Zimbabwe THABANI PATIENCE GAMBIZA (TPMF Trust)

TPMF Trust is a women and girl child empowerment organisation which seeks to promote development through economic empowement by supporting women with business start-ups, sustenance of livelihoods, training and promoting social development, and empowering women and girls to appreciate their Rights, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, other health issue and creating safe spaces to end Gender Based Violence (GBV).

The Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities is allowing charities to share information, relevant and different visions, experiences and expertise in a way that allows us to complement each other. It will go a long way in motivating charities to develop communities nationwide.

More to follow.

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