Thursday Apr 18, 2024

Videos of Members’ Work

First, here is a presentation by the Zimbabwe chapter of the Consortium:

From PACT, who sent the link to some of their videos:

Here is a link to a video from The TeamCaro Foundation:

Sprout Women Empowerment Trust have sent a number of videos here:

This, from Friends of Pakati:

Doubt Chimonyo if PACT has sent a number of vidoes to us here at, so here is a selection – many more can be found at

From World of Mercy Trust:

From Second Chance KCM:

The video below contains some material viewers my be uoset by. Also, please do NOT send money to COZC if you want to help, please use the information provided in the film. Thanks.

Next up is from Simbisai Hope – SH24. Here is Tendai Caroline Ivis of Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) involved in a Psycho-Social Support group meeting wirh SH24:

Recently, The TeamCaro Foundation added a video of how they support their clients, evrn when no-one else can.

“Just sharing part of what we do. That is a funeral that was arranged by Sharon for our client whom she supported through his cancer journey. He had no family in UK and he appointed The TeamCaro to be his next of Kin. Well done Sharon. You did us proud.”

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